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Bulk Meat from US Wellness Meats

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Taking advantage of our bulk meat discount programs is the best way for meat aficionados to play. Use these discounts to buy in bulk and stock your freezer or pantry with delicious and nutrient-dense US Wellness Meats foods. We offer discounts on most of our inventory, from bulk beef to steaks, to pork chops, to snacks like paleo meat sticks, jerky, and more.


No matter what your go-to is, from making incredible grass-fed steaks to getting a taste of the coast with our seafood selection, you can save money by buying meat online in bulk! We have a discount chart on each product page, and we also have weekly sales that change depending on our inventory. Take a look around, add what looks good to your cart, and add big to save big!

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Beef Coulotte Steak - 6 oz.

Availability: In stock
Coulotte Steak is an outstanding petite cut that comes from the sirloin cap. It yields a perfect mixture of lean protein and smart photo lipids. The Coulotte Steak is very flavorful and ready for grilling with or without your favorite marinade. Perfect for breakfast, lunch, or a light dinner!

CHOMPS Original Free Range Turkey Stick

Availability: In stock
Introducing the CHOMPS Original Free Range Turkey Jerky Sticks! CHOMPS Original Turkey Flavor Snack Sticks feature the same savory taste that made CHOMPS one of the most popular snack sticks. These protein packed turkey jerky sticks are slightly smokey with a hint of spicy! Each bite is a gobble good, mouthwatering experience. Certified Paleo Certified Gluten-Free Whole30 Approved Non-GMO Certified Each stick contains 10g of protein and 60 calories NO Sugar, NO Gluten, NO Soy, NO Antibiotics, NO Dairy or Nuts, NO Fillers, NO JUNK! CHOMPS Turkey Jerky Sticks are a shelf stable, delicious, pick up and go snack, perfect for kids lunches, road trips, on the trail, or whenever you need a clean energy boost. Our turkeys are free to roam the pastures where they spend their entire lives until they are harvested in the most humane way possible. INGREDIENTS: Turkey, Water, Sea Salt, Encapsulated Lactic Acid, Cultured Celery Powder (Celery Powder, Sea Salt), Black Pepper, Red Pepper, Garlic Powder, Coriander, Stuffed in a Beef Collagen Casing. Each Stick is approx. 1.15 oz (32 g)

Elk Patties - 3 (1/3lb) patties (1 lb pkg)

Availability: In stock
US Wellness Meats’ 1/3 pound Elk Patties These gourmet Elk Patties are 90% + lean offering a leaner alternative for a mild-flavored protein...and they're delicious! Try these alongside our grass-fed beef burgers and let your grill sing with joy. Utah elk graze in the wide open mountain meadows of the west enjoying mother nature at her finest! Leaner meats require attention when cooking so they aren't overcooked. Each package contains 3 (1/3 lb) patties. Package weight = 1 lb total

Fresh Cut Pork Ham Shanks - 1.5 lbs

Availability: In stock
Our US Wellness Meats' Fresh Pork Ham Shank are a flavorful treat for pork lovers. These are fresh cut and have not been smoked. Slow cook these shanks until the meat is falling off the bone. Antibiotic free and hormone free from birth! Their outdoor diet is supplemented with Non GMO grain. The pork is from outside raised heirloom breeds prevalent in the 1960s. The Berkshires, Tamworth, Durocs, Hampshires, and Spotted Whites were known for their intramuscular fat which produces the wow effect when sliced and served. Each package contains 1 Fresh cut ham shank averaging 1.5 lbs or more.

Pork Burger Patties - 4 (4oz)

Availability: In stock
US Wellness Meats’ Pork Burger Patties are delicious for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Try these as a change up to beef, lamb or bison burgers. A juicy heritage pork burger makes an excellent protein option for the grill or on the stovetop. Ground Pork Burgers are 72% lean, all natural, free of antibiotics, and no nitrates are used during processing. Ingredients: Pork Each Pork Burger Pattie package includes 4 - (4 oz) patties and averages 1 pound. Raised in Missouri, our pigs are sourced from a small cooperative of like-minded farmers. Our farms are now using the Global Animal Partnership (GAP) 5-Step rating system. We raise a mixture of old heritage breeds including: Berkshire, Tamworth, Duroc, Hampshire, Spotted White, and Large Black.

Stew Beef - 1 lb.

Availability: In stock
US Wellness Meats’ Stew Beef is more than a comfort food during the winter months; it is a year round favorite. The versatility of Stew Beef is handy for last-minute dinner gatherings. Stew Beef is perfect for your favorite stew or soup recipe. You can also add vegetables to create a great stir fry or nifty kabob combo. Your family and friends will enjoy the great flavor of grass-fed Stew Beef anyway you prepare it. Each Stew Beef package averages 1 pound of cubed pieces. All of US Wellness Meats’ beef products are 100% grass-fed and grass-finished.

75% Lean Beef Patties - 2 (6 oz) patties

Availability: In stock
US Wellness Meats’ 75% lean grass-fed burger patties are an excellent source of heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids and cancer-fighting CLA. The patties also make for a very easy meal on the grill or skillet!

85% Lean Beef Patties - 2 (6 oz) patties

Availability: In stock
US Wellness Meats’ grass-fed 85% Lean Beef Patties are the perfect combination of health, flavor, and convenience. The 85% Lean Beef Patties are a great source of lean protein and heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids. Each package contains two (6 ounce) burger patties that are ready for your grill or skillet!

Adobo Beef Meatballs (heat & serve) - 13 oz

Availability: In stock
US Wellness Adobo Seasoned Beef Meatballs - Heat & Serve Our all-natural traditional meatballs were developed in-house from a family recipe and features 75% lean grass-fed and grass-finished US Wellness beef. The recipe includes Organic Adobo Seasoning making the perfect complement to the rich flavor of pasture raised beef. These meatballs have been pre-cooked and are ready to heat and serve. Try these meatballs anywhere you would server burger or other ground meats, spaghetti with meatballs, lasagna, stroganoff, casseroles, sub sandwiches, pot pies, or any other family recipe. USWM all-beef meatballs also makes a delicous stand alone main course. Meaty, full-flavored Adobo meatballs are approximately 1-inch diameter but will cook down slightly. Adobo Seasoned Beef Meatballs are made with 75% lean ground beef. Total weight: 13 oz pkg contains (6-8) 1-inch meatballs Ingredients: Beef, Pink Himalayan Salt, Garlic, Onion, Black Pepper, Oregano, Turmeric Spices are certified USDA-Organic, Whole30 Approved, Certified Gluten-Free, Kosher, Non-GMO, Non-Irradiated, and contain no MSG. All of US Wellness Meats’ beef products are 100% grass-fed and grass-finished.

All-Natural BBQ Sauce 1 Gallon -ships separately

Availability: In stock
US Wellness Meats’ All-Natural BBQ Sauce is full of mouth-watering delight without MSG, high fructose corn syrup, corn syrup, white sugar, gluten, nitrates, and preservatives. It is perfect for your backyard summer BBQ!

All-Natural Premium BBQ Sauce 4 (16 oz) bottles ...

Availability: In stock
US Wellness Meats’ All-Natural BBQ Sauce is full of mouth-watering delight without MSG, high fructose corn syrup, corn syrup, white sugar, gluten, nitrates, and preservatives. It is perfect for your backyard summer BBQ!

Anchor Salted Grass-Fed Butter - 1 lb

Availability: In stock
Anchor Salted Butter is a great all-purpose, 100% Grass-fed, all-natural butter. Spread it on a warm piece of crusty bread or serve it tableside with every meal. It’s also a wonderful butter for cooking. 1 lb pkg

Anchor Unsalted Grass-Fed Butter - 8 oz.

Availability: In stock
100% Grass-fed, Anchor Grass-fed Unsalted Butter has a higher butterfat content and is a perfect butter for baking. You’ll notice the grass-fed cow’s milk richness when you bake for the first time and find your pie crusts are flakier and your cookies are more delectable.

Aronia Berries - 8 oz

Availability: In stock
Aronia Berries are a nutrient dense superfruit. These are similar in size to a blueberry and are harvested in late summer. The berries are juicy with an astringent, dry flavor and while some people enjoy eating these fresh, many consider it an acquired taste. They are however excellent for salads or blended into smoothies. They can also be used for a healthy power packed tea, syrup, jellies or substituted for other fruits in baking. Some people enjoy eating these fresh, but many consider it an acquired taste. The Aronia Berry is one of the most antioxidant-rich foods available rating higher than Elderberry and twice as high as Blueberry on the ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) scale. There are literally too many health benefits to mention, but here are a few more: Boosts immune system, aids digestion, helps control blood pressure and cholesterol, fights diabetes, protects the kidneys and more! US Wellness Aronia Berries are grown and packaged in Missouri. All-natural with no additives. Aronia Berries are packaged fresh and flash frozen in our state of the art quick freeze. Pkg Wt = 1 lb

BBQ Pulled Pork - 1.5 lbs

Availability: In stock
Our BBQ Pulled Pork is a tasty heat and serve treat for the whole family. We slow roast to perfection our sustainably raised, pastured heirloom pork and then blend it with US Wellness all-natural BBQ sauce. All of our pork is sustainably raised with NO GMOs, NO antibiotics, NO added growth hormones, NO pesticides, and NO herbicides. Our animals have plenty of quality time in the pastures rooting for food and doing what pigs do. Our All-Natural BBQ Sauce contains NO high fructose corn syrup, NO MSG, NO refined sugar, NO junk! Pulled pork is a heat and serve product with many quick meal options that await your imagination. Ingredients: Pork, BBQ Sauce (water, honey, tomato paste, organic cane sugar, organic sucanat, vinegar, salt, molasses, spices [black pepper, chili powder, mustard, celery, turmeric, cloves], onion, natural hickory smoke flavoring). Heating Suggestions: For best results, thaw prior to heating. Heat thoroughly using microwave, sauce pan, roaster, water bath, oven steam table, or skillet. Each container averages 1.5 pounds. (24 oz)

Beef Bologna - 1 lb

Availability: In stock
US Wellness Meats’ Beef Bologna is a one pound roll of grass-fed beef packed with flavor. It is also free of nitrates, nitrites, MSG, additives, preservatives, soy, dairy and gluten. It is perfect for a healthy snack, light lunch, or road trip.

Beef Breakfast Italian Sausage Sliders - 6 (3oz)...

Availability: In stock
Beef Breakfast Italian Sausage Sliders are made with 75% lean ground beef, ensuring that you receive your daily dose of omega 3's and CLA first thing in the morning! Beef Breakfast Italian Sausage Sliders are now conveniently packaged with 6 (3 ounce) sausage patties (18 oz total). One layer packaging for ease of use.

Beef Breakfast Polish Sausage Sliders - 6 (3 oz)...

Availability: In stock
Are you tired of eating the same old thing for breakfast? Try US Wellness Meats’ Beef Breakfast Polish Sausage Sliders and you will not be disappointed. Pair the Beef Breakfast Polish Sausage Sliders with free-range eggs on your breakfast plate for amazing results. Beef Breakfast Polish Sausage Sliders are made with 75% lean ground beef. Total weight: 1.125 lbs.... contains 6 (3 oz) Polish Breakfast Sliders Ingredients: beef, sea salt, dehydrated garlic, spices (black pepper, marjoram) All of US Wellness Meats’ beef products are 100% grass-fed and grass-finished.

Beef Chunk Dog Treats - 0.5 lb

US Wellness Beef Chunk Treats are so good you may be tempted to try them. These are for Fido though! Your furry friend will absolutely love these all-natural treats. These contain NO JUNK! In fact, there are only two ingredients in our Beef Chunk Dog Treats: Beef and Sea Salt. Beef Chunk Treats are perfect for training sessions or when you want to show a little extra love. Ingredients: Beef, Sea Salt All of our beef products are 100% grass-fed and grass-finished. Each Beef Chunk Treats package averages 0.5 lbs of tail wagging, grass-fed goodness. Re-Sealable pouch.

Beef Eye of Round Roast - 2 lbs

Availability: In stock
US Wellness Meats’ Eye of Round Roast is small, but mighty. If you are looking for a lean, petite, and flavorful roast, US Wellness Meats suggests you give the Eye of Round Roast a try! It is magnificent in flavor, very lean, and will not disappoint.

Beef Gelatin - 14 oz

Availability: In stock
Jolt your immune system and connective tissue with one of the best kept secrets in health and wellness. US Wellness Meats’ Beef Gelatin is a thicker, richer variety of Beef Marrow Bone Broth. It is packed with nutrient-dense marrow, reduced cartilage, and bone minerals. Beef Gelatin is a secret weapon in your kitchen because it will create instant wow flavor to your entrees.

Beef Jerky Sticks - Spicy 6-8 sticks (8 oz pkg)

Add some spice to your life with US Wellness Meats’ Spicy Beef Jerky Sticks! US Wellness Meats’ grass-fed Beef Jerky is free of nitrites, MSG, and preservatives. Spicy Beef Jerky Sticks are a perfect on-the-go snack or lunchbox addition. Ingredients: beef, sea salt, black pepper, red pepper, garlic, coriander.

Beef Large NY Strip Steak - 14 oz.

Availability: In stock
You will be flipping one of America's favorite steaks over the glow of a sizzling flame. Before long, a gathering of your friends and family will be drawn in by the aroma from the NY Strip Steaks cooked medium rare.

Beef Liver - 1 lb.

Availability: In stock
US Wellness Meats continues to receive compliments about the great taste of Beef Liver. You can reap the benefits of adding organ meat to your diet by ordering Beef Liver. Liver is a nutritional powerhouse and is packed with important nutrients like vitamins A, D, E, K, B12, and folate acid along with minerals such as copper and iron.
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