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Lamb Meat for Sale at US Wellness Meats

Lamb Meat

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Our lamb is sustainably raised on family farms. It's 100% grass-fed and grass-finished. Browse through our wide selection of rich flavored lamb steaks, roasts, bones, tallow, organ meats, ground meat and more! Have you tried our Lamb Osso Buco? It's a popular gourmet treat dating back centuries and guaranteed to please!

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Ground Lamb - 1 lb.

Availability: In stock
Restaurant chefs and consumers are going wild over US Wellness Meats’ superior tasting, Ground Lamb. Standard burger, meatloaf, casserole, and meatball recipes can be enjoyed with a Mediterranean flair thanks to the outstanding flavor of grass-fed Ground Lamb.

Lamb Loin Chop - 2 (6oz.) chops

Availability: In stock
US Wellness Meats’ grass-fed, bone-in Lamb Loin Chops are equivalent to Beef Tenderloin Filets. Lamb Loin Chops are small in size, but their flavor is larger than life. The Lamb Loin Chop bone adds a nice touch of flavor for cooking. Baste the Lamb Loin Chops with clarified grass-fed butter for a dining experience worth repeating.

Lamb Rib Chops - 2 (6oz.) chops

Availability: In stock
US Wellness Meats’ bone-in, Lamb Rib Chops are a griller’s delight. The Lamb Rib Chops might be small, but their flavor off the grill is exquisite. Grass-fed lamb is an excellent alternative for grass-fed beef if you are looking for diversity.

Leg of Lamb Steak - 11 oz.

Availability: In stock
US Wellness Meats is proud to offer Leg of Lamb Steak. The marvelous flavor of grass-fed Leg of Lamb Steak will bring zest to your grill and wows from your dining partners. Each package averages 11 ounces.

Lamb Arm Chops - 2 (7.5oz) chops

Availability: In stock
Grass-fed, bone-in Lamb Arm Chops are an exciting new addition to the US Wellness Meats’ inventory. Lamb Arm Chops are a versatile cut that can be barbequed, grilled, or baked.

Lamb Kabobs - 1 lb.

Availability: Out of stock
Lamb Kabobs are a special treat! US Wellness Meats’ Lamb Kabobs are cubed and conveniently packaged. You can enjoy them with your favorite vegetables or lamb recipes.

Rack of Lamb Split Loin Roast - 1.5 lbs.

Availability: In stock
US Wellness Meats would like to invite you to try their exquisite Rack of Lamb Split Loin Roast. You will need basic carving skills if you want to serve the Rack of Lamb Split Loin Roast standing rib style because the whole roast has not been frenched. Many customers thaw the roast and cut into individual chops prior to cooking. It is recommended to briefly braise or sear the roast in a pan and then use a slow, moist cooking method. Average weight is 1.5 pounds.

Lamb Shoulder Roast - 4 lbs.

Availability: In stock
US Wellness Meats’ exquisite, Lamb Shoulder Roast is brimming with CLA and Omega 3 because of the perfect blend of fat to lean. Slow cooking methods will create a centerpiece for your family and friends.

Lamb Boneless Loin Roast - 2 lbs.

Availability: Out of stock
US Wellness BNLS netted Lamb Loin Roast is an exquisite culinary treasure. The US Wellness fabrication crew has boned out the tenderloin, striploin, and ribeye muscles. These premium muscles have been combined and netted into 2 pound roasts. The tenderness and flavor are waiting your preparation and accolades from coast to coast.

Whole Boneless Leg of Lamb Roast - 4.5 lbs.

Availability: In stock
US Wellness Meats’ boneless, Whole Leg of Lamb makes a beautiful centerpiece roast for family gatherings, special occasions and holiday meals. Enjoy the savory aroma of this grass-fed roast cooking and watch as guests eagerly anticipate it's presentation. Each Whole Leg of Lamb averages 4.5 pounds.

Whole Leg of Lamb - 5.8 lbs.

Availability: In stock
US Wellness Meats’ bone-in, Whole Leg of Lamb is a holiday favorite and a perfect centerpiece for every family gathering, anytime of the year. The Whole Leg of Lamb is especially popular at Christmas and Easter. Each Whole Leg of Lamb averages 5.8 pounds.

Lamb Denver Ribs - 2 lbs.

Availability: In stock
US Wellness Meats’ bone-in, Lamb Denver Ribs are a very attractive and sleek set of pork style spare lamb ribs. Lamb Denver Ribs have been cut in a uniform manner and are ready to be grilled with your favorite BBQ sauce and friends. The flavor of grass-fed Lamb Denver Ribs is awesome and US Wellness Meats thinks you will agree. A lamb chef in Oregon boils the Lamb Denver Ribs for a few minutes before placing on the grill for an added wow factor.
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Grass-Fed Lamb Meat from US Wellness Meats

We get a lot of questions about our lamb, so we’ve compiled some information highlighting our lamb producers, product offerings, and recipes for you here.

We’re happy to report that our lamb products come from Missouri and Oregon, where they enjoy lush pastures and plenty of rainfall. We harvest a mix of hair sheep and a special old world breed of wool sheep noted for their meat quality. All of our lamb products are 100% grass-fed and grass-finished.

Our grass-fed lambs are sustainably raised on family farms dedicated to our high standards. They are pasture raised, with NO antibiotics, NO added growth hormones, NO GMO's, NO Pesticides, NO Herbicides, and NO Grains.

What lamb selections do we offer? All of your favorites, including a variety of chops and roasts, as well as lamb loin, lamb Denver ribs, and rib chops (a griller’s delight!). We also have some real rarities, including organ meats (lamb liver, kidney, heart) and marrow bones.

Another specialty selection is lamb tallow, which can be used as an alternative for shortening, lard, or beef tallow. Add it to meat and vegetable dishes for added flavor with all the health benefits grass-fed fat offers. Unfortunately, we do not get tallow with every harvest, so we encourage you to order when it's available.

Lastly, here are a few of our favorite lamb recipes!

If you have any questions about our lamb meat or other lamb products, please contact us.