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Our Duck is raised on sustainable family farms. They are raised on a non-GMO diet, with no antibiotics, and no added growth hormones. The rich flavor of muscovy duck meat will be the highlight of your meal. Try our duck stock and duck fat for your favorite recipes.

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Duck Fat - 1 quart (1.75 lbs)

Availability: In stock
After years of requests, US Wellness Meats finally found a source of quality, rendered Duck Fat! Duck Fat is fabulous for cooking. Create the trifecta of fats for your kitchen by paring Duck Fat with US Wellness Meats’ Beef Tallow and Pork Lard.

Duck Stock - 2.5 lbs (38 oz)

Availability: In stock
Duck Stock is a truly unique addition to US Wellness Meats’ menu. It has a wonderful flavor that can be added to any dish (even if you aren’t cooking duck) to make it ten times better. Great holistic food for the cold and flu season! US Wellness Meats teamed up with a wonderful paleo chef to make Duck Stock from free range, non-GMO duck bones. The bones are roasted with organic vegetables and spices and then everything is simmered with filtered water and sherry vinegar for 16-20 hours. The end result is clear, flavorful, rich Duck Stock. Ingredients: duck stock (filtered water, duck bones, organic yellow onion, organic carrot, organic celery, organic parsley, organic thyme, organic black malabar peppercorn, organic bay leaf), sherry vinegar

Duck Wings (1 lb)

Availability: Out of stock
You can add your favorite barbecue sauce to US Wellness Meats’ Duck Wings for a twist on traditional chicken wings. Each package contains 4 wings and weighs approximately 1 pound. All of US Wellness Meats’ Pekin Ducks are free range and free of growth hormones and antibiotics. Unless otherwise noted, US Wellness Meats’ Pekin Ducks consume a non-GMO diet.

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Ground Duck Backs - Pet Food (1 lb)

Availability: In stock
Ground Duck Backs are the newest product in US Wellness Meats’ Pet Food category. The duck backs are naturally dark in color and add a unique balance of protein and bone for your pet. US Wellness Meats starts with fatty duck backs and frames (back meat and soft bones) and then grinds them down, so they are ideal for your favorite family pet. US Wellness Meats’ Ground Duck Backs will add superb variety to your pet's diet! If your pet loves organ meats and tripe, Ground Duck Backs are perfect!

Whole Duck (5 lbs)

Availability: In stock

Duck Gelatin

Availability: Out of stock
Duck gelatin is the thicker, richer cousin to our duck stock and is truly a nutrient-dense addition to your diet. We start with duck bones from free range, non-GMO ducks that have gone through the duck stock process and then break them open to expose the rich marrow inside, which gives us more gelatin. Compared to stock, the gelatin will be more concentrated and cloudier due to the higher concentration of connective tissue. It can be used anywhere you would use stock, and can be heated up, lightly salted and drank on its own for a very healthy, flavorful drink. Ingredients: duck stock (filtered water, duck bones, organic onion, organic carrot, organic celery, organic parsley, organic thyme, organic black malabar peppercorn, organic bay leaf), sherry vinegar

Pasture Raised BNLS, Skin-On Duck Breast - 2 bre...

Availability: In stock
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Duck Free Range Leg Quarters - 1.25 lbs avg.

Availability: In stock
Brand new free range duck leg quarters are here. If you love a rich variety of flavors, then this is the cut for you. Recipes are endless for this coveted skin-on selection. Whether the recipe is for confit, braised, crispy, roasted or browned duck, these leg quarters are just what you are looking for to make your dish extraordinary! All our Pekin Ducks are raised free range and enjoy a non-gmo diet free of growth hormones and antibiotics.
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