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Enjoy big savings on some of your favorite selections! Use this opportunity to stock your freezer and pantry with nutritious US Wellness foods. Sale items change weekly at 10:00 PM CST on Saturday nights so check back every week for updates. If your favorite product isn't listed here this week, it may be here next week! Sign up for our newsletter and be one of the first to know what items are on sale.

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Pork Bacon Grease Uncured (5 gallon bucket)

Availability: In stock
US Wellness Meats' Uncured Sugar-Free Pork Bacon Grease contains no preservatives, no nitrates or nitrites except those naturally occurring in Sea Salt. It's not always easy to save your bacon drippings so we've done it for you. It's the absolute tastiest cooking fat known to man. Ideal size for restaurants or the home cooking enthusiast who wants to bring the A-game! US Wellness Meats’ Pork Lard is not bleached, deodorized, hydrogenated, or altered. This is simply US Wellness Sugar Free Hickory Smoked Bacon rendered into bacon grease. All-Natural, No additives. Pkg Wt = 5 gallons (36 lbs) Shipping: Pork Bacon Lard (5 gallon bucket) ships separately from frozen items. It is shipped via FedEx Ground Service and delivery is expected within 3-7 days.
$296.65 $349.00

Beef Chunk Dog Treats - 0.5 lb

US Wellness Beef Chunk Treats are so good you may be tempted to try them. These are for Fido though! Your furry friend will absolutely love these all-natural treats. These contain NO JUNK! In fact, there are only two ingredients in our Beef Chunk Dog Treats: Beef and Sea Salt. Beef Chunk Treats are perfect for training sessions or when you want to show a little extra love. Ingredients: Beef, Sea Salt All of our beef products are 100% grass-fed and grass-finished. Each Beef Chunk Treats package averages 0.5 lbs of tail wagging, grass-fed goodness. Re-Sealable pouch.
$4.08 $4.80

Duck Fat - 1 quart (1.75 lbs)

Availability: In stock
After years of requests, US Wellness Meats finally found a source of quality, rendered Duck Fat! Duck Fat is fabulous for cooking. Create the trifecta of fats for your kitchen by paring Duck Fat with US Wellness Meats’ Beef Tallow and Pork Lard.
$19.27 $22.67
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