Sliced Fresh Side Pork Bacon (DIY Bacon) - 1 lb.

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Calling all chefs! DIY Bacon is here! 

Sliced Fresh Side Pork Bacon is a unique new offering for home chefs wanting to make their own bacon. It is not cured or smoked and tastes like fatty pork. Like our other bacon varieties, these slices do not contain additives, nitrates, preservatives, or dyes. Essentially, it’s “naked bacon” that can go anywhere as far as flavor depending on what spices you add. The only ingredient is pork. See for yourself why Fresh Bacon Sides have been a staple in country butcher shops for years.

If you are looking for a more conventional bacon (but without additives, nitrates, preservatives, or dyes), we suggest our Sugar Free Pork Bacon Slices.

Each package of Sliced Fresh Side Pork Bacon weighs approximately 1 pound.

For more information about US Wellness Meats’ pork products, visit US Wellness Meats’ pork blog.




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