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The Nourished Caveman

Learn more about Featured Chef Vivica »

Meet Vivica! Creator of "The Healing Foods Method", nutritionist, and blogger. Her blog, The Nourished Caveman, and her program are here to help you learn how to get healthier and have more energy. Vivica managed to squeeze in some time to be this month's Featured Chef, and shared some unique nose-to-tail offal recipes. Follow Vivica on Facebook and Pinterest for paleo, low-carb, and keto recipes.





Featured Product

Striploin Primal - 7.25 lbs

Planning on a special occasion? Save on NY Strips by cutting your own from the US Wellness Whole Primal Beef Sirloin. These primals are trimmed very close with little waste on your cutting board. Save big by cutting your own steaks. Primals will deliver frozen and each piece will yield approximately 7 steaks, 1.5 inches thick.

Each Whole Primal Beef Striploin averages 7.25 pounds.

We have proudly teamed up with a group of elite grass farmers on the Island of Tasmania off the coast of Australia, where we are currently sourcing this cut. The climate is a utopia for cattle with a year round maritime climate buffered by the Southern Ocean. No hormones or GMO's are allowed on the island and air quality is recognized as the gold standard for purity on the globe. Tasmania is slightly larger than the state of West Virginia and covered with some of the finest grass in the world.

All of our beef products are 100% grass-fed and grass-finished.

Today’s special sale price: $92.65!



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Whole Primal Beef Striploin

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