Pork Lard - 2 lbs.

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After years of customer requests and a new kettle, US Wellness Meats is proud to offer Pork Lard! Pork Lard can be used for frying or cooking. It is also the perfect “secret ingredient” for phenomenal baking. If you give Pork Lard a try, it may soon become your favorite kitchen fat.

US Wellness Meats’ Pork Lard is not bleached, deodorized, hydrogenated, or altered. Although it is labeled as 'refined' per USDA requirements, it is simply rendered pork fat. Nothing has been done to or added to Pork Lard.

Each Pork Lard pail weighs approximately 2 pounds.

For more information about US Wellness Meats’ pork products, visit US Wellness Meats’ pork blog.




Pork Lard is not highly perishable.

The USDA requires a frozen sticker because US Wellness Meats does not use preservatives or additives.  

Pork Lard will keep for years in a freezer and months in a refrigerator.

Pork Lard can be unrefrigerated for a month without any issues. However, at some point, the surface will begin to oxidize.

For long term storage, US Wellness Meats recommends freezing.


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