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The Domestic Man

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Russ Crandall, the talented home chef behind the popular blog The Domestic Man, adopted a Gluten-Free and Paleo lifestyle back in 2010 in an effort to take back his health. His incredible journey to recovery is an inspiration to all. With his newfound health, he has dedicated himself to creating authentic and traditional recipes for all to enjoy.




We've been getting many requests to add more heat & serve items to our menu, so we are excited to introduce the Thai Style Filet of Sirloin! Working closely with one of our favorite paleo chefs, we think you will love the end recipe as much as we do. These steaks are cut from the center muscle in such a way that they look just like a tenderloin filet. We then marinate them slowly, and they are packaged in single serving sizes for a quick lunch or dinner anytime! They have been grill marked, but are left raw so you can chose the desired doneness.

 Ingredients: beef and the steaks are marinated in up to 10% solution of coconut aminos (aged coconut sap), apple cider, apple juice (apples), cilantro, lime juice, ginger, onions, garlic, sea salt, lime zest, black malabar pepper

Each Thai Style Beef Filet of Sirloin package averages 8 ounces (contains 1-2 steaks).

All our beef products are 100% grass-fed and grassfinished.

Today’s special sale price: $8.46



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