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Wellness Bakeries

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Jon and Kelley Herring founded Wellness Bakeries in 2006 in a tiny cottage near the ocean in Delray Beach, Florida.  Back then, they were on a mission to create the healthiest and best-tasting gluten-free, low-glycemic, blend-and-bake mixes that anyone could make at home with just a few simple ingredients.  Over the years, Wellness Bakeries has gained a loyal following, added new products, and moved their headquarters to the beautiful Wasatch Mountains of Utah all while staying true to their original vision.  US Wellness Meats is proud to partner with Wellness Bakeries and offer some of their best-selling mixes! These are low-glycemic, gluten-free baking mixes containing only the highest quality, non-GMO and organic ingredients.

use only the highest quality, non-GMO and organic ingredients to create our low-glycemic, gluten-free baking mixes and treats. - See more at:
use only the highest quality, non-GMO and organic ingredients to create our low-glycemic, gluten-free baking mixes and treats. - See more at:
on and Kelley Herring and we founded Wellness Bakeries in 2006. - See more at:
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Wellness Bakeries Better Brownies Mix

Availability: In stock
Wellness Bakeries Better Brownies Mix contains 95 percent less sugar (plus double the fiber and protein) of leading brands. And it’s packed with antioxidants, thanks to organic cocoa. Finally, you can satisfy your brownie cravings… without souring your health! You Will Need: 1 Better Brownies Mix 2 large organic eggs + 1 egg yolk (room temperature) 6 Tbsp. virgin coconut oil or unsalted grass-fed butter or macadamia nut oil 1 tsp. organic vanilla YIELD: One 8 x 8 inch pan (16 brownies) INGREDIENTS: ALMOND FLOUR, NON-GMO ERYTHRITOL, ORGANIC COCOA LIQUOR, ORGANIC CHOCOLATE CHIPS (ORGANIC COCOA LIQUOR, ORGANIC CANE SUGAR, ORGANIC COCOA BUTTER, ORGANIC NATURAL COCOA POWDER, ORGANIC TAPIOCA DEXTROSE), ORGANIC COCONUT SUGAR, INULIN, ORGANIC NATURAL COCOA POWDER, SEA SALT, ORGANIC PSYLLIUM HUSK, BAKING SODA, STEVIA.

Wellness Bakeries Chocolate Bliss Cake Mix

Availability: In stock
You’re just minutes away from biting into the most luxuriously rich dessert that’s not only delicious… but good for you too! This delightfully sweet dark chocolate cake is crafted with 100% natural and organic, gluten-free ingredients and contains just 1 gram of sugar per serving. Eating well has never tasted quite this good! You Will Need: 1 Chocolate Bliss Cake Mix 4 large pastured eggs (room temperature) 2/3 cup macadamia nut oil or virgin coconut oil (melted) ¼ cup hot coffee or water 1 tsp. vanilla extract (optional) YIELD: One 9” cake or 12 cupcakes INGREDIENTS: NON-GMO ERYTHRITOL, ORGANIC NATURAL COCOA POWDER, ALMOND FLOUR, ORGANIC COCONUT SUGAR, ORGANIC COCONUT FLOUR, INULIN, ORGANIC PSYLLIUM HUSK POWDER, BAKING SODA, SEA SALT, STEVIA. CONTAINS TREE NUTS.

Wellness Bakeries Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix

Availability: In stock
When it comes to desserts, the classic chocolate chip cookie is tough to beat. Unfortunately, chocolate chip cookies made from slice-and-bake dough, dry mixes and even those at high-end bakeries are laden with unhealthy fats, refined grains and artificial ingredients… not to mention sugar! But now you can satisfy your cravings for warm chocolate chip cookies… without souring your health! Wellness Bakeries Chocolate Chip Cookies are made with low-glycemic and grain-free flour. They’re packed with organic dark chocolate chips. They’re free of gluten, soy and dairy. And each melt-in-your-mouth cookie contains nearly 70 percent less sugar than the leading packaged brand. With their perfectly sweet, crispy-on-the-outside-chewy-on-the-inside texture, they are sure to please even the most discerning cookie connoisseur! You Will Need: 1 Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix 4 Tbsp. grass-fed butter or coconut oil (melted) 1 large organic egg (room temp) 1 tsp. organic vanilla Egg-Free Option Omit egg Add 3 Tbsp. milk (dairy, light coconut or almond) YIELD: 12 two-inch cookies INGREDIENTS: Almond flour, organic arrowroot powder, bittersweet chocolate chips (unsweetened chocolate, cane sugar, sunflower lecithin, pure vanilla), non-GMO erythritol, organic coconut sugar, organic coconut flour, gelatin, baking soda, sea salt, stevia. CONTAINS TREE NUTS.

Wellness Bakeries Classic Frosting Starter

Availability: In stock
Using some of the same healthy ingredients we use in our cake mixes, Wellness Bakeries has created the most fluffy, creamy, decadent sugar-free frosting ever spread. And all you need is a few simple ingredients from your kitchen and a packet of Wellness Bakeries sugar-free Classic Frosting Starter Mix! Not only does our all-natural frosting mix help you to whip up rich, creamy, sugar-free frosting and delicious drizzles in minutes – including Sugar-Free Cream Cheese Frosting, Dairy Free Vanilla Buttercream Frosting, Maple Mesquite Frosting and Lemon Drizzle – but it also has probiotic benefits, thanks to a “secret” ingredient, called inulin. You Will Need 1 small packet (42 g) Classic Frosting Starter 10 Tbsp. butter, coconut oil or palm shortening 1 tsp. vanilla extract (optional) 1 Tbsp. heavy cream or coconut milk (full fat) To Make Buttercream: Add Frosting Starter Mix and room temperature butter to a mixing bowl. Beat with a mixer until combined. Add vanilla and heavy cream. Beat until smooth and fluffy. Spread on cooled cake. SMALL PACKAGE YIELD: Frosts One 9-inch cake or 12 cupcakes INGREDIENTS: ORGANIC ERYTHRITOL, ORGANIC INULIN, STEVIA.

Wellness Bakeries Drinking Chocolate

Availability: Out of stock
Nothing soothes the spirit quite like chocolate. And that calm euphoria you feel is not your imagination. Chocolate is full of compounds that boost “good mood” neurotransmitters. It is also one of the most antioxidant rich foods on the planet! There are numerous benefits to consuming cocoa. Unfortunately, most people take it with lots of sugar and other harmful ingredients that can negate these benefits. Did you know that the average “hot cocoa” mix in the store has more than 20 grams of sugar… and heart-stopping trans-fat as an ingredient? Our deluxe Drinking Chocolate makes it easy to enjoy this ancient, calming superfood… without overdosing on sugar and other harmful additives! We start with the highest grade of organic cocoa. And we never use “Dutch-processed.” While this can mellow the flavor of cocoa, it can also slash the antioxidant value in half! To sweeten, we use a blend of zero-glycemic erythritol, prebiotic inulin and stevia. Then we add a dash of mineral-rich, primordial salt and a hint of organic Tahitian vanilla. Add Drinking Chocolate to your liquid of choice, including milk or cream, water, coffee, coconut or almond milk. Then stir until it is transformed into a rich chocolatey dream. Use this product to create steamy hot cocoa, refreshing chocolate milk, chocolate smoothies and decadent cafe mocha. Pairs especially well with a great book, a cozy chair and a warm, crackling fire… INGREDIENTS: ORGANIC COCOA, NON-GMO ERYTHRITOL, INULIN, ORGANIC VANILLA BEAN, SEA SALT, STEVIA. 12 oz. Pouch (1/2 oz. of drink mix required per 8 oz beverage, pouch yields approximately 24 servings)

Wellness Bakeries Miracle Mix (pancakes, waffles...

Availability: In stock
Many all-purpose breakfast and baking mixes contain trans fat, corn syrup, chemicals and refined flours that will spike your blood sugar and harm your health. But Miracle Mix is different… Made with a unique blend of all-natural, low-glycemic, real foods, Miracle Mix will help you make the delicious breakfasts and baked goods you crave… without the ingredients you don’t. Use it to create pancakes, waffles, biscuits, muffins, crackers, cakes, cookies and more… without a gram of grain and less sugar than a sliver of an apple! These hearty (and healthy) treats will stoke your metabolism and keep you full for hours. This is the all-purpose Paleo baking blend you’ve been waiting for! You Will Need: ¾ cup (90 g) Miracle Mix 3 large organic eggs (room temperature) ¼ cup organic coconut milk 1 tsp. organic vanilla (optional) 1 tsp. organic cinnamon (optional) Coconut oil, for frying or greasing YIELD: 32 waffles or 64 pancakes INGREDIENTS: ALMOND FLOUR, ORGANIC COCONUT FLOUR, ORGANIC COCONUT SUGAR, BAKING SODA, SEA SALT, STEVIA. CONTAINS TREE NUTS.

Wellness Bakeries Paleo Pizza Crust Mix

Availability: In stock
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