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Existing reviews
From: Amy | Date: 7/16/2015 12:31 PM
I am so glad you guys still carry this.. it's downright crave inducing :o)
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From: Judith | Date: 9/18/2015 1:34 PM
I actually ordered this with concern. Most "conventional" precooked pot roasts are salty & taste like canned beef soup, which I don't care for. But I wanted a quick precooked meal on hand so gave it a try. So glad I did. Not salty & had a wonderful flavor!
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So good!
From: Deborah | Date: 12/20/2015 9:28 AM
I ordered this last week not expecting much but it's hard to find ready-made meals that are healthy. Wow, was I surprised. Way better than I expected. And the price is very reasonable considering I'm paying for meat that's already shrunk through the cooking process. Great flavor, too. I'll be getting more for sure.  
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Love it!!
From: KEITH | Date: 2/21/2016 4:00 PM
What ever you do guys don't  change this recipe . Great job! I got 2  cups of great tasting gravy out of it . The meat was delicious tender and juicy. Placed it frozen in pot low simmer for 1 hour and done.
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Perfect dinner saver!
From: bonnie | Date: 3/27/2016 2:07 PM
This was my very first item I've ever tried from USWM. It was AWESOME! I made it on a Sunday in the crock pot and it was so great to have a home cooked meal without all the fuss! I will definetly buy again!
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Excellent and Convenient!
From: Camille | Date: 4/30/2016 3:31 PM
Took right out of the freezer, emptied package into the crockpot and cooked on low for 3 hours. It's possible that it was ready sooner but I was out running errands.  Came home to a house that smelled great and had a delicious roast with no fuss.  Hubby remarked how tender it was.  Love that the gravy has no chemicals and is thickened with rice flour.  Believe this would make it gluten free?  Highly recommend and will buy again.
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From: Susan | Date: 7/18/2016 3:12 AM
Delicious! Easy to prepare.  Will order again.
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So Convenient!
From: Jenna | Date: 8/2/2016 10:07 PM
I typically make a pot roast once a week but not anymore. No need to with this deliciously tasty roast!
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So easy and so good!
From: Kathy | Date: 9/21/2016 3:31 PM
I tried this for the first time last week.  This was very good.  I thawed slightly overnight in the refrigerator and then put in the slow cooker on low for about 5 hours.  Came out perfect. And the gravy is delicious!  Glad I bought two packs.
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Pretty darned good
From: Donna | Date: 11/15/2016 7:29 PM
I ordered this on a whim just to give it a try. It arrived today, so I decided to warm it up for dinner. I loved it. The texture and beef flavor were great. I loved the herb taste. I did stretch the gravy a little, though. My two guests were not as enamored of the herb taste, but I thought it was great. It's not what I would normally do taste wise, but what a nice change.

I will purchase the pot roast again when I do my bacon and sausage order!
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Love it!
From: Kathy | Date: 1/10/2017 1:03 PM
This pot roast is sooooo convenient and so delicious.   It's hard to believe that I can actually buy a cut of meat that is grass-fed, healthy for me, pre-cooked and delicious.  Sure, I would love it even more if it came with more gravy, but I know you can only get so much gravy out of a cut of meat.    Thank you John Wood for these great products!   You are making a real difference in the world.
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Tasty and convenient!
From: Kathleen | Date: 9/17/2017 11:58 AM
What a deal! I cooked this frozen in my Instant pot and it was ready in less than an hour. The herbs were a bit overpowering for my daughter so next time I'll rinse it off before adding it to the pot with beef bone broth and a little red wine.
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Heavens to Betsy this was good!
From: Jason | Date: 7/14/2018 6:29 PM
Ok. I'll admit it I screw up every roast I put in the crock pot. I don't know how that's event possible but I do.
So I ordered this for a quick dinner solution. Wow was it good, I overate and so did everyone else. Its so much flavor and so tender. Price is well worth my time saved as well.
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