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Product reviews for Stew Beef - 1 lb.

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Existing reviews
Tender and juicy
From: Amelia | Date: 3/7/2015 9:44 AM
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Tender and lean
From: Sara | Date: 7/13/2015 12:58 AM
I order this regularly and we love it in soups and stews.  Very high quality.  Sort of like cut up pieces of steak!
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Absolutely delicious
From: Susan | Date: 7/19/2015 9:30 PM
I learned about US Wellness through the book "Against All Grains" for dairy/gluten free recipes. I ordered stew meat and flank steak and can tell you I am very impressed with the quality. The beef stew I made turned out delicious and will continue to order on a regular basis.
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From: Kelly | Date: 3/18/2016 6:33 AM
This product was great from the get-go.  Normally, I have to trim a ton of fat off of my stew meat, not so here.  It came in perfect, small pieces ready to cook...time saver!  Taste? Yum!  The best stew I have ever made.  Even my picky husband said so.  I cooked it in some ghee and threw it in my slow cooker with pots, carrots, onions, 8 oz. of tomato sauce, 8 0z. of water, salt and pepper and set it on high for 3 hours and switched it to low for 3.  Not only was it nutritious, but, hello, affordable! How can you go wrong for $9?!  I will be purchasing lots of this product.  Thank you so much :)
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top quality trim
From: Lavern | Date: 3/15/2017 5:05 PM
I made this in a recipe, so I can't speak to the actual unseasoned flavor, but it tasted fine to me. What stood out to me was the quality of the trim - my package closely resembled the picture shown here - almost all beef, very little fat/gristle. Not only is it easy to prep, it is good value for the money.
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Awesome service --and thank you, Ted!
From: M. J. | Date: 11/14/2017 12:44 PM
This review covers the stew beef as well as the primal tenderloin and chuck roast I ordered late Friday night.  It was shipped on Monday, arrived at noon on Tuesday...can you imagine?!  I always put a note that I like leaner cuts (gristle is the enemy, actually; I found VERY little of it in my first try with the stew beef, so I'm sold and reordered.  This order arrived with a handwritten note from Ted, saying he'd hand-picked my items with my request in mind.  You did well, Ted, thanks!
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So Tender!
From: Christine | Date: 11/14/2017 5:08 PM
Have bought this stew meat several times.  I usually use it
in the crockpot for making beef stew.  It always comes out
delicious and so very tender.  The small pieces are perfect.
I've also cooked it on the stove
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Stew was the best!
From: Barbara | Date: 1/16/2018 7:58 AM
I tried your stew meat last night and my family didn't talk at dinner, except a few grunts . For about 10 mins there was no talking, just eating. That's the sign that LOVE  what they are eating.    I'm 60 yrs old, been cooking since I was 10, I've never seen such meat, stew meat that so beautiful! Not all grizzle and fat. Bravo !!!I'm back for more.
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From: Leslie | Date: 3/28/2019 7:15 PM
Delicious as always. Please post nutritional information for us calorie counters. Thank you!
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From: christy | Date: 3/30/2019 11:22 PM
I can't add anything that other reviewers haven't already said!  This meat is the best - very little fat/gristle to cut off, very tender, perfectly sized chunks, and so flavorful. And what a great deal when I get it on sale.  Thank you!
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tender, delicious, and easy
From: marvin | Date: 5/21/2019 5:28 PM
By far the best stew meat we’ve ever had ... it’s a regular in our kitchen as stew, tacos, bbq beef ...
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From: tony | Date: 10/20/2019 4:09 PM
I feel bad writing a bad review, because everyone else seems to love this stew beef.  My batch tasted very gamey and not tender/juicy.

*From USW Meats- Thank you for your feedback and we are very sorry for your disappointment with the Stew Beef! We have issued reward points to your account for this product. Please reach out at any time if we may be of further assistance. Kindest regards, The US Wellness Meats Team
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