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Existing reviews
Great Addition to my whole 30 program
From: Helen | Date: 5/7/2015 6:45 AM
with sausage like this you don't feel deprived.
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Really tasty Breakfast Patties
From: Andi | Date: 6/17/2015 11:21 PM
I purchased the Sugar free Breakfast sausage for the first time this month, based on the review. My husband and I were very satisfied. We sliced patties for breakfast and also mixed it up in a ketogenic meal along with coconut oil, eggs, onion, garlic red bell pepper, spices and of course sprinkled grass-fed cheese and avocado to top!! MMMgood!! So glad I found this site! I'm back for more!!
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pork bfast sausage
From: George & Sunny | Date: 7/31/2015 9:37 AM
Great.  Wonderful
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Flavor even a caveman could love
From: James | Date: 8/27/2015 9:09 PM
Honest to goodness you absolutely won't even notice that there's no sugar. I'm scratching my head wonder why all the other producers are mega-dosing on the sugar? I guess their stuff isn't as fresh as these guys and they need to cover up somehow. Oh, well, simple formula and Paleo...what more could you ask for!
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Pork Breakfast Sausage
From: Sharyn | Date: 9/20/2015 2:31 PM
The perfect amount of salt and spice make this the best sausage for breakfast!
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this is what sausage is supposed to taste like!
From: Lisa | Date: 9/21/2015 8:52 PM
Absolutely delicious, clean flavor. You cannot go wrong with this!
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Best Sausage I've Ever Had
From: Anna Kate | Date: 10/3/2015 10:20 AM
The title says it all. I never want to run out of this sausage. <3
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So good
From: Emily | Date: 11/23/2015 3:24 PM
I've tried to make this myself with ground pork and spices and it's just not as good as this stuff. Just a little bit spicy. Pairs very well with eggs and sweet potatoes.
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Pork sausage
From: Judy | Date: 12/12/2015 10:09 AM
This sausage is absolutely delicious, especially since it has no sugar and is AIP friendly. I would highly recommend this product.
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From: Amy | Date: 1/3/2016 7:53 AM
This is the perfect breakfast sausage.  Tastes better than anything I can get in the store and makes me feel good that I'm eating clean. The only problem is that it's often out of stock when i want to buy more!
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Great sausage
From: Donna | Date: 1/18/2016 3:37 PM
It could use a tiny kick in the flavor, but for a mild sausage, it's excellent. I can buy sugar free sausage at the farmers market too, so I vacillate between this mild and their spicy. Win-win!
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I didn't even like sausage.....
From: Melissa | Date: 1/21/2016 8:08 AM
.....until I had this stuff! SO good. And I agree with the other review that it goes awesome with sweet potato and eggs in the morning. It's what I eat daily!
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Loved it
From: Elaine | Date: 2/28/2016 5:53 AM
This sausage was like being on the farm again and dad butchering the pigs and making his own sausage.  Loved it!
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The Best I have ever had
From: christina | Date: 3/6/2016 8:50 AM
Truly the best sausage I have ever had. Delicious with everything.
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What more can I add but
From: Shannon | Date: 4/10/2016 8:21 AM
This is the best sausage I have had in a very long time. Love this product. I will buy it over and over again!
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Best pork sausage ever
From: Jennifer | Date: 4/16/2016 6:31 PM
Ommmg. It's so ahmazing. I am so sad it is out of stock. I never had such amazing sausage before. And with no sugar yaaaah

*From USWM: Thank you for taking the time to share your enthusiastic review! Please rest assured, we are always in a constant cycle of restocking. We strive to seamlessly restock items, but when this is not possible, most items are available again within 2-3 weeks.  

Sunday and Thursday afternoons are the most common days we receive new inventory. As soon as we have a final count from our freezer manager, we add items back to our online store. Pork items currently restock on Sunday nights or Monday afternoons.

We recommend logging into your customer account and adding your email to our contact list for any desired out of stock items so we can contact you when our next batch arrives. We hope this is helpful with your order planning and please feel free to call or email us if we may be of further assistance!

With gratitude, The US Wellness Meats Team
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From: Rosita | Date: 4/30/2016 11:29 PM
This sausage is DEFINITELY DELICIOUS and no sugar. I am so pleased with my purchase and will be ordering again.
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Will definitely keep in stock
From: Jill | Date: 5/4/2016 8:36 PM
Tried this for the first time today.  Great flavor and no shrinkage.  
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From: Brent | Date: 6/3/2016 11:46 AM
I'm happy to have found this delicious sausage that's free of sugar and MSG!  I do wish that they had a higher fat content.
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From: Tram | Date: 8/4/2016 1:46 AM
This is now a Sunday regular for us. We would have it every day, but feel that would be greedy.
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Must Buy
From: Joyce | Date: 9/12/2016 9:25 PM
I always have this in my cart every time I purchase from U.S. Wellness Meats. Definitely the best tasting sugar free sausage that I've ever had.  My kids love it as well.
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Not Quite What I Expected
From: Anne | Date: 1/20/2017 9:29 AM
I grew up eating homemade pork sausage from pigs my family raised and butchered themselves. I guess I was expecting this sausage to taste the same as that. We have tried it twice and are not quite pleased with it. I will say the bacon and everything else we have ordered is delicious and we will continue to order . I will add also the packaging is great!

*From USW Meats- We are sorry for your disappointment with the sugar free pork breakfast sausage! It is one of our most sought after, best selling products. We have refunded your card for 2 packages and welcome your honest feedback at any time. With sincere gratitude, The US Wellness Meats Team
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Family favorite
From: Robert | Date: 1/21/2017 8:12 PM
REALLY good sausage! We go through it quickly. Here to get a bunch more of it- can't wait for it to be available again.
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Very Good Sausage!!
From: Albert | Date: 1/27/2017 3:53 PM
Very, very good sausage.  I buy it every time I order.
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Two yums up!
From: Sheri | Date: 2/11/2017 7:22 AM
Turns out you really don't need to put sugar (or gluten, or random chemical spices) into your sausage. This breakfast sausage is delicious. The spices are balanced, and it's not over-salted. We got it for the Whole30, but will be continuing to order it as long as they make it!
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Ah Mah Zing
From: Heidi | Date: 4/5/2017 3:41 PM
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From: Charles | Date: 6/13/2017 2:49 PM
I've purchased this sausage a number of times. Its the best! Had a problem with my last order and Wellness fixed it. I'm a customer for life.
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Better than expected
From: Tashia | Date: 7/15/2017 5:05 PM
So happy I bought more than one and will definitely buy again!
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A Whole 30 Staple
From: Michael | Date: 9/30/2017 8:14 PM
Phenomenal sausage. This is a weekend breakfast staple during our Whole 30 weekends. We thaw it a little, slice it in patties right through the bag, and cook it slowly on low heat. Highly recommended.
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Very good
From: anthony | Date: 2/9/2018 7:12 PM
Great taste, great texture once cooked.
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So yummy!
From: Heather | Date: 2/14/2018 10:46 PM
Since cutting out sugar from my diet and generally trying to eat cleaner, I’ve had a lot of trouble finding suitable meat products. US Wellness has given me back so many foods that I missed. I was especially excited to try this sausage, and it did not disappoint! It’s so flavorful and juicy and delicious! If it weren’t for my heartburn, I could live off of this stuff. It’s definitely my favorite US Wellness product that I’ve tried (though the sugar-free bacon is a close second). I cannot recommend this sausage highly enough!
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From: Joe | Date: 2/22/2018 8:28 PM
This was nothing short of amazing! Very tasty. I used this in my omelette every morning.
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Love no sugar sausage
From: Beth | Date: 5/12/2018 9:42 AM
Great addition to breakfast. Tasty and healthy.
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Best Pork Sausage Since We Were Kids
From: Christine | Date: 7/16/2018 3:05 PM
I wanted to try the Pork Sausage.  Both of us were sold after the first bite!  In fact, I just bought eight more packages!  Perfectly spiced, no junk in it, tastes great.  My husband said he hasn't tasted sausage this good since he was a kid (and we're close to 70).  We're going to try cooking it in our Foreman grill next time (I think 5 minutes ought to do it) to minimize the splatter.  We can't wait to have it again!
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Best Pork Sausage Since We Were Kids (Update)
From: Christine | Date: 8/1/2018 12:47 PM
I did cook the pork sausage in my Foreman Grill.  I made six patties out of a pound package.  After preheating the Foreman, it took 6 minutes of cooking with no splatter and no mess.  Perfect.
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Perfect breakfast
From: Simona | Date: 8/28/2018 2:56 PM
You can taste the meat and spices to perfection.
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Best sausage ever
From: Eliza | Date: 8/28/2018 2:58 PM
Literally the best breakfast sausage I’ve had. Eliza thought so too!

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Little Bit of Breakfast Heaven
From: A. | Date: 11/18/2018 9:32 AM
Great classic breakfast sausage taste, sends me down childhood morning memory lane with pasture raised peace of mind. Makes the cut for a good regularly purchased item the whole family loves.
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From: Amanda | Date: 1/15/2019 9:36 AM
I can't believe it's sugar free. This is really delicious!
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From: Teresa | Date: 1/17/2019 12:34 AM

*USWM - We're very sorry for your disappointment,  a credit has been returned to you.   The USWM Sugar Free Pork Breakfast Sausage is a very popular product and one of our best selling offerings.  The complete ingredients are listed in the detailed product description, please feel free to add any herbs & spices of your choice  so that you may continue to enjoy the meat on a complementary basis.
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Great in Recipes
From: Nicole | Date: 3/2/2019 3:48 PM
I really love this sausage to replace the chemical laden stuff in the grocery store. It has a good flavor and not too salty. I like it for my tomato sauce and egg casserole.
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Got an extra spicy batch....
From: Rachel | Date: 9/8/2019 2:55 PM
I have been buying the breakfast sausage regularly, and this past order was overly spicy/hot for two of us in the family of four.  When I inquired about it, they said they would look into it, but never heard back or gave any options for me. This was our breakfast meat for the whole family for two and a half months, that two of us could not eat now.  I was no happy about this.  I will have to go back to the plain sausage and mix my own.....

*From USWM - We want to thank you for your patronage and feedback. We are sad to hear of your disappointment in your order of Sugar-Free Pork Breakfast Sausage - 1 lb. We never want to leave you disappointed in our product. If you would like to speak further about your order please reach out to our office at 877.383.0051 M-F 8:30a-5p CST to speak to one of our friendly customer service agents. Again, thank you for your feedback. Best of health - The US Wellness Meats Team
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