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Product reviews for Beef Suet - 5 lb.

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Existing reviews
Did not enjoy
From: Enzo | Date: 4/22/2019 3:36 PM
I did not enjoy this product at all. It basically tastes like you're eating a candle (wax). I couldn't really find a way to use this that didn't make me feel nauseated and leaving a strange taste in my mouth. Unfortunately, I had to throw away most of it. Beware that this is what the beef tallow is rendered from.

(*From USWM) Thank you for your honest feedback! Our suet is pure fat from around the Kidney of the animal. Like us, many of our patrons also choose to render their tallow from this product as a primary use. We share our favorite video under "recipes" as a how-to:  Kindest regards, The USWM Team
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Making tallow from suet.
From: Connie | Date: 5/2/2019 6:55 PM
I made tallow from the 5 lbs of suet.  
First, I tried to separate the beef and connecting tissue from the suet.  While it’s impossible to do it totally, I did work on it for about 1-1/2 hours.  At this point, I had two bowls - one with the suet (and bits of meat) and the other bowl with meat and connecting tissue (and bits of suet).  
Next, I put the contents of each bowl into a pot to render the fat.  As the big pot of suet melted, I was able to scoop out even more meat and connecting tissue and put it into the small pot.  
From past experience, I knew that the small pot’s tallow would have a mild beef taste.  I ended up getting 1-2/3 cups tallow and 3 cups cracklings from the small pot.  
From the large pot, I rendered 7 cups of tallow which does not have a beef taste.
This means each cup of tallow costs approximately $3.33, and my dogs get the cracklings.
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