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Product reviews for Beef Bottom Round Roast - 3 lbs

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Existing reviews
Sear It First
From: Bruce | Date: 9/7/2015 1:35 PM
Did some internet research on best ways to cook a bottom round roast.  Let it unthaw a full 24 hrs and bring to room temperature an hour beforehand.  Heat some bacon grease, coconut oil, etc in a skillet on medium heat until hot.  Salt and pepper the entire roast liberally.  Now here is the key - sear ALL sides and ends of the meat for about 60-90 seconds.  Then, put it in a slow cooker with your favorite veggies, seasonings, and a cup or so of red wine. Cook on low for about 7 1/2 - 8 hrs.  INCREDIBLE how tender and juicy this meat was.  Had to be careful and not slice too thin as it would fall apart.  Easily cut it with just a fork on the plate.  GREAT piece of meat and worth the extra time to sear beforehand.
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pot roast
From: Jean | Date: 9/22/2015 2:05 PM
This roast is our all time go-to meal especially during the colder months when comfort food is a must.  All day in the crockpot, throw in some onion, carrots and potatoes and dinner is so simple.
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Best Bottom Round Ever!
From: Cindy | Date: 4/20/2016 7:33 PM
First time getting a bottom round and it was delicious!  I put it in the Crock Pot with onions, garlic, chipotle seasoning and barbecue sauce.  Eight hours later we enjoyed the absolute best roast ever.  It was cut-with-a-fork tender and so moist.  Will definitely be buying this one again!
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Beef Jerky
From: Christine | Date: 9/11/2016 8:25 AM
Well, I don't know if I'm supposed to use this roast to make beef jerky but I did. I also used another USWellness roast to make a second batch of jerky but I don't remember which one. The jerky turned out sublime.

I love shopping here and always trust that I'm getting the best and I do.

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Bad roast
From: Chuck | Date: 1/4/2017 3:05 PM
grissle everywhere throughout the cut flavor good but had to spit out too much. Don't understand how this one got by to be shipped.. not even good enough for hamburger.

*From USW Meats- We are sorry for your disappointment with the bottom round roats! It is a very popular product for us. We have refunded your card and welcome your honest feedback at any time. With sincere gratitude, The US Wellness Meats Team
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From: Mandy | Date: 11/19/2017 7:47 PM
I put this in the crock pot after searing. I didn't make it back home when I hoped, and expected the meat to be dry and tough. It was actually the best roast I've ever had! Really moist and tender.
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