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Paleo Shelf Stable

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Our prepackaged paleo food products do not require freezing or refrigeration during shipping, or while stored in their original sealed packaging. These products are ideal for the Paleo Diet. Included here are paleo snacks, jerky, nuts, canned and pouched wild-caught seafood, and more! Take these along for road trips, pack them in lunches, or keep them in your pantry for quick, healthy paleo treats!

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Dried Honestly Cranberries - 3 oz pkg

These all-natural dried cranberries are a wonderfully healthy snack or treat for young and old alike. Honestly CranberryTM no sugar added dried cranberries is just the fruit – no added sugars, juices, or oils. Native Americans used cranberries as medicine and food. Proanthocyanidins or PACs, found in cranberries, have a unique ability to assist the body in flushing bad bacteria from the urinary tract.
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