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Beef NY Strip Kabobs - 1 lb.

Availability: In stock
New York Strip Kabobs are ready for vegetables, a skewer, and your grill! The NY Kabobs are cut from the same muscle as NY Strip Steak and have the same exquisite quality. US Wellness Meats believes you will agree!

Beef Tenderloin Kabobs - 1 lb.

Availability: In stock
Beef Tenderloin Kabobs are cut into bite-size pieces of Tenderloin Filet for dining delicacy. Add your favorite vegetables, skewer, and enjoy. Or use as delicious upgrade to stir fry and stew. This is the most economical method for purchasing Tenderloin Filet with at least a 50% savings on a cost per pound basis.

Lamb Kabobs - 1 lb.

Availability: In stock
Lamb Kabobs are a special treat! US Wellness Meats’ Lamb Kabobs are cubed and conveniently packaged. You can enjoy them with your favorite vegetables or lamb recipes.

Pork Kabobs - 1 lb. pkg.

Availability: In stock
US Wellness Pork Kabobs make a delicious skewer treat! Add some of your favorite veggies, cook over the grill and prepare yourself for the savory sweet flavor of heirloom pork. There are so many delicious recipe options for kabobs: Teriyaki, Asian BBQ, Greek Style, Hawaiian, etc. Try them all for a different flavor from the grill each night of the week. Our Pork Kabobs are also great for making stew or any dish requiring chunky meat. Raised in Missouri, our pigs are sourced from a small cooperative of like-minded farmers. Our farms are now using the Global Animal Partnership (GAP) 5-Step rating system. We raise a mixture of old heritage breeds including: Berkshire, Tamworth, Duroc, Hampshire, Spotted White, and Large Black.