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Our grass-fed beef bones are sustainably raised on family farms dedicated to providing healthy, nutrient-rich foods. Whether you're looking for Beef, Lamb, Pork, Bison, or Chicken bones for broth, gelatins, or all-natural pet treats, you'll find a wide variety at US Wellness Meats. Give these convenient superfoods a try!

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Goat Shanks - 1.25 lbs

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Slow roast our pasture raised goat shanks for a mouth watering dish that's meaty and tender. Our whole goat shanks are tender, nutrient dense and have a rich flavor profile. Our goats are sustainably raised just like everything in our store. No Hormones - No Antibiotics Pasture raised with supplemental non-gmo grain Each package is approximately 1.25 lbs and includes 2 shanks.
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