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Grassland Beef

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Our cattle are sustainably raised, 100% grass-fed and grass-finished. We don't feed them antibiotics or give them any hormones or GMO feed. US Wellness animals are treated humanely from birth to processing. Our farms use rotational grazing practices that don't require any herbicides, pesticides or fertilizers. We offer the finest, nutrient-rich meats available!

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Salt Free Beef Pemmican Pail - 2 lbs.

Availability: In stock

Stew Beef - 1 lb.

Availability: In stock

Sugar Free Polish Kielbasa Beef Sausage

Availability: In stock

T Bone Steak - 1 lb.

Availability: In stock
$19.50 $22.95

Whole Primal Beef Inside Round - 15 lbs.

Availability: In stock

Whole Primal Beef Ribeye - 6.25 lbs.

Availability: Out of stock

Whole Primal Beef Striploin - 7.25 lbs.

Availability: In stock
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