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Nothing soothes the spirit quite like chocolate. And that calm euphoria you feel is not your imagination. Chocolate is full of compounds that boost “good mood” neurotransmitters. It is also one of the most antioxidant rich foods on the planet!

There are numerous benefits to consuming cocoa. Unfortunately, most people take it with lots of sugar and other harmful ingredients that can negate these benefits. Did you know that the average “hot cocoa” mix in the store has more than 20 grams of sugar… and heart-stopping trans-fat as an ingredient?

Our deluxe Drinking Chocolate makes it easy to enjoy this ancient, calming superfood… without overdosing on sugar and other harmful additives!

We start with the highest grade of organic cocoa. And we never use “Dutch-processed.” While this can mellow the flavor of cocoa, it can also slash the antioxidant value in half! To sweeten, we use a blend of zero-glycemic erythritol, prebiotic inulin and stevia. Then we add a dash of mineral-rich, primordial salt and a hint of organic Tahitian vanilla.

Add Drinking Chocolate to your liquid of choice, including milk or cream, water, coffee, coconut or almond milk. Then stir until it is transformed into a rich chocolatey dream. Use this product to create steamy hot cocoa, refreshing chocolate milk, chocolate smoothies and decadent cafe mocha.

Pairs especially well with a great book, a cozy chair and a warm, crackling fire…


12 oz. Pouch (1/2 oz. of drink mix required per 8 oz beverage, pouch yields approximately 24 servings)




Store in a cool, dark place (cabinet or pantry) if you plan to use the mix within a few months.

If you wish to store for longer than 6 months, Wellness Bakeries recommends the refrigerator or freezer. This will not alter the finished product in any way.

Wellness Bakeries has tested all of their products, unrefrigerated, for up to two years with no issues related to taste, aroma, or baking quality. 


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