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Tender Grassfed Barbecue: Traditional, Primal and Paleo shows you a new way to prepare grassfed meat and pastured pork using traditional barbecue methods adapted for modern times.

All the recipes in this book have been specifically created and designed for barbecuing grassfed beef, bison, lamb, and pastured pork. There are over 120 step-by-step, easy to use recipes thoughtfully collected in this 225 page book.

The detailed barbecue techniques presented in this book will be new to most people, but are based on the traditional ways grassfed meat was barbecued throughout history. These timeless and traditional methods are perfect for grassfed meat, and have been adapted for modern times to be easy, yet full of wonderful, traditional flavor. The recipes use traditional flavors from many nations and cultures, even ancient Rome and ancient China.

Also included are rediscovered bastes and marinades from the Native American traditions, the gauchos of Argentina, many European nations, the barbecue masters of Sardinia, and more.

Recipe books are mailed separately from perishable items via USPS media mail service.





Mailed separately from perishable products.

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