so many uses
I love these flavorful bacon tips. I use them in soups and veggies. I have even cut them up smaller and made bacon bits out of them.
From: merilea | Date: 9/18/2015 10:50 PM
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Never again
I LOVE just about everything from Grassland Beef. Usually if I don't like something, it's because it's just not for me- not that it's disgusting haha However, these bacon tips were awful! Predominantly thick hunks of fat. I had to snip and slice off the little pieces of meat that were attached to the fat. What I had left was about 1/3 of the package. The actual meat was delicious, but only after removing from the hunks of fat. I eat fat - but these bacon tips were ALL fat in the package that I received. I tried to cook down the fat to use in my omelets but that didn't work. Sadly, I was extremely disappointed to get a package of grizzly, thick hunks of fat with some meat attached.  

*USWM- We are truly very sorry to have been a disappointment with our product. We know this product isn't for everyone. We have issued a refund to your card for the Beef Sugar Free Bacon Tips. We appreciate your business and your feedback. Thank you so much! Your Us Wellness Meats Team
From: Erica | Date: 11/1/2015 8:04 AM
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Smokey aroma and excellent flavor
The beef bacon ends are a bit more tough than the pork bacon ends, but the flavor is just as superb! I cut most of the fatty portions up and slow cooked them to render out some of the delicious fat and fried some grated sweet potatoes in it. Then I added the meaty portions to the hash and it was divine! I can't wait to add chunks of this to my soups for that beautiful smokey, meaty goodness!
From: Charity | Date: 12/10/2015 8:04 AM
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Not really bacon but I love these!
I saw the ends were on sale and just ordered 4 more packages. Yes, they tend to be fatty but I use the drippings for stir fry or for sauteing my greens. The longer pieces I cook to a beef jerky "toughness." I always have a container of the rendered fat in my fridge. Makes everything taste better and it's good, clean fat.
From: Deborah | Date: 12/12/2015 10:01 AM
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I've ordered these before and actually had something I could chew.  Perfect for small families without having to thaw the whole pack of strips. Flavor is great but all gristle.  I'm going with the bacon next time

*From USW Meats- We are sorry for your disappointment with the sugar-free bacon tips! They do tend to be a bit fattier than the bacon strips. We have refunded your card and welcome your honest feedback at any time. With sincere gratitude, The US Wellness Meats Team
From: Gena | Date: 1/30/2017 10:56 AM
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