Really good brisket.
I like the taste, I might have overlooked it since it was pretty rubbery and tough, next time less time.....
From: Rina | Date: 6/3/2015 12:58 PM
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This one is really tough...I've tried two of my 4 already....I actually can't chew it .  ( and I don't have dentures!)  Tried all sorts of gentle warm ing techniques.

*From USW Meats- Thank you for reaching out to us with more feedback on our products! We apologize for your disappointment and your account has been credited for the items. These fully cooked brisket slices may be thawed and eaten cold, or lightly warmed. To warm, we fully thaw in a bowl and then add to a saucepan over low/medium heat. We like to keep the pan covered and occasionally stir the slices as they warm. We are able to warm a whole package in less than 8 minutes. Since you are unable to enjoy them yourselves, we hope you are able to share them with a local food bank, church, family, friend or animal shelter that may be able to use them. As always, we welcome your feedback and are happy to be of assistance in any way. With gratitude, The US Wellness Meats Team
From: George | Date: 7/31/2015 9:49 AM
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I bought 9 at different times: the first one was a little chewy but overall very good. The second one very difficult to chew but I took a chance and bought a third one and lucked out. That one had great flavor, moisture and was polished off in one day.  I went ahead and bought some more but those were inedible.  I have a couple more sitting in the fridge that I was thinking of donating, except I am not sure who will be able to actually eat them.

USWM- We are truly sorry to hear that our Brisket doesn't meet your expectations every time. We have refunded you for the brisket. We hope this helps! If there is anything else we can do please feel free to reach out to us. We appreciate you and your business. Warmest Regards -Your Us Wellness Meats Team
From: Tania | Date: 11/15/2015 8:35 PM
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Good flavor but really tough
Just now read the other reviews--hadn't before I purchased this item. Wanted to say that my brisket was unbelievably tough too, (can't say I've had tougher) but I salvaged it by cooking it with a little apple cider vinegar and some salt --long and slow on the stove top for hours, and it was DELICIOUS after that.  The flavor was amazing then.  I'd rather have something come under cooked because I can fix that--unlike some pulled meat I I got that was over-cooked to the point the texture was like saw dust.  And yes I would order it again to get grassfed benefit as after I tweaked it it was as good as if started from scratch from the grocery store, but obviously much healthier.
From: Kristie | Date: 11/16/2015 3:36 PM
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Very tasty
It's been a while since I ordered this, but after reading reviews I wanted to give my experience. I transferred the frozen brisket to a vacuum sealed bag and sealed it. I put some water in a crockpot (enough to cover bag) and cooked on low all day while I was at work.  It was perfect.  My husband and I loved it served on a bun with BBQ sauce and coleslaw.  I would eliminate the transfer to a vacuum sealed bag if the bag it comes packed in is safe to heat.  I'd buy again.
From: Barbara | Date: 3/13/2016 8:18 AM
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I love this brisket!
From: Lisa | Date: 4/3/2016 12:35 AM
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Secret to making any meat tender is....
put a layer of sea salt covering the entire meat, let sit in refrig an hour if less than inch thick, longer if over inch thick remove, cook and will be tender..... enjoy, msonnyt the bikeman, Former ANBC Natural Championship Bodybuilding Competitor
The Florida Natural and The Southern States Competitions
Current Crossfit Open Competitor
From: M Sonny | Date: 4/5/2016 9:03 PM
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great brisket
i cooked this brisket in my pressure cooker for one hour and the meat was so tender. I cooked it with some bone broth and the flavor was great. made for a great quick dinner. would buy again.
From: wendy | Date: 9/14/2016 6:34 PM
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