Product reviews for Beef Head Cheese - 1 lb.

From: Amelia | Date: 3/7/2015 9:45 AM
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I have never loved the flavor of liver, though I like the idea of eating it. This is wonderful! The taste is mild and you get lots of organ meats in it. Spiced very nicely!
From: Alison | Date: 3/20/2015 2:06 PM
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My kids have been a fan of beef head cheese for years now...This is their go to food at anytime of the day. When given the choice they prefer this food over any frank. We just slice and eat and add some grass-fed cheese or fry it up in an iron skillet with coconut oil or Kerrygold butter before adding eggs, cheese and veggies for a scramble/omlete or dip it straight into fried eggs. We also use it for a meat choice in chili or tacos or any type of soup that calls for meat. We do the same thing with liverwurst. Keep on making this item and we will keep on buying it!! Yum!
From: Rebecca | Date: 8/10/2015 1:18 PM
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This may be my new favorite food!
I sliced it and fried in an iron skillet. It reminds me of sausage, but without the seasonings sausage generally has. It will be great with some eggs. Will buy again.
From: Jesse | Date: 6/16/2016 7:53 PM
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Kids liked it, and so did I.
We just had this for breakfast for the first time and it was a winner all around.  All the kids (ages 8-16) liked it as did I.  I have no doubt my husband will, too.  We fried it up in a cast iron skillet, browning both sides.  Since it's already cooked, it fries up quickly. The cost will prohibit us from having it too very much, but I could see it being a once-a-month treat or something like that.  
From: Darla | Date: 6/30/2016 1:03 PM
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Different and delicious
This all beef product doesn't look like any other head cheese I've seen, most of which also contain a lot of gelatin surrounding chunks of meat. It seems to be more of a somewhat coarse bologna. However, whatever they want to call it, this stuff is delicious. It has a nice mix of flavors and textures and isn't overly salted or spiced. I enjoyed it as open faced sandwiches on a good rye bread with a schmear of imported mustard. Just picking up a slice and eating it plain was great, too. i will definitely get this again.
From: Norman | Date: 11/1/2016 9:02 PM
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Not the headcheese I expected
This did not look or taste like headcheese I grew up with in Europe. It was OK, when treated more as a wet, rough texture bologna than a headcheese.  

*From USW Meats- We are sorry for your disappointment with the headcheese! It is a very popular product at USWM. We have refunded your card and welcome your honest feedback at any time. With sincere gratitude, The US Wellness Meats Team
From: Julia | Date: 1/12/2017 4:56 PM
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