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At only 6-10 pounds when fully mature, the Diestel Petite Turkey is great for the grill, barbecue, rotisserie, and roasting. As with all of the slow- grown Diestel turkeys, the Diestel Petite has a superior meat-to-bone ratio, and is tender and juicy with that real old-fashioned turkey flavor. Broad-breasted, petite turkeys provide excellent value with more meat, less fat, and less water than other turkeys.

Other reasons these turkeys are so special:

  • No gluten, casien, carageenan, phosphates, MSG, artifical ingredients or preservatives
  • No added salt solutions and ice-chilled for quality
  • No antibiotics, growth stimulants, or hormones
  • 100% vegetarian diet, enhanced with vitamins and minerals
  • GAP Rated Step 3

All these delicious turkeys are grown and processed directly by the Diestel Ranch. The ranch is family owned and operated, since 1949, and they’re proud to be one of the last small, family owned turkey grower-processors in the United States.

If you would like more information about ordering or preparing a Thanksgiving Turkey, visit Follow Diestel's easy roasting instructions for an incredible turkey or visit US Wellness Meats’ Turkey Time Blog Page!

Each turkey weighs approximately 6-10 pounds





US Wellness Meats recommends freezing for long term storage.

Once thawed, the whole turkey may be stored for 2-3 days in the refrigerator.

No preservatives are used in processing whole turkey.


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