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After being diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in college, Caroline took matters into her own hands, researching everything about nutrition and eventually started eating grain free. Caroline’s love for cooking and creativity lead her to start her blog, Colorful Eats to inspire others that food can be healthy and joyful at the same time.

Her health challenges gave her a passion for grain free cooking and food photography. Caroline and her husband live in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii and love spending their weekends grilling together or at the beach with their golden retriever.

Q: How did you get involved in cooking to begin with? Was it something you learned to love early on or did you come to it later?

Growing up, I would always stand on a step stool and help my mom prepare dinner or help my dad make pancakes on the weekends. I have been in the kitchen ever since I can remember, but when I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in college, I realized I had to take matters into my own hands and developed a love for creating recipes and grain free baking!

Q: Why is eating grass-fed meat and sustainably-caught fish different? How does it affect your cooking?

Eating real food is more than just a trend or diet to me, it is about creating a lifestyle that can be practical to everyday life. I don’t think you can put a price tag on your health. Food and nutrition is a powerful form of medicine and have become such an integral part in my daily life. Ultimately you are what you eat, therefore I think its important for the animal to be fed and treated properly if we are going to eat it. Yes, grass-fed and sustainably raised meats are a bit more expensive, but we rarely go out to eat and that is a big way to save money! Choosing cuts such as ground beef or a roast for everyday meals also helps.

Q: Is it just about health? Or is there more to it than that?

It is so much more! To me, when we feel great we have so much more time and energy to do what we love. Further, treating animals and feeding them the way they were designed not only impacts our health, but greatly impacts the world in which we live for the better. I like to support farmers who are taking the extra effort to do it the right way.

Q: How did you learn about grass-fed meat?

You always see pictures of cows grazing on grass, so I honestly just thought that was the way they ate. When I switched to a grain free diet in college, people kept saying I would have cholesterol problems eating too much steak and bacon, so I started researching and discovered the difference between grain fed and grass fed meats. Needless to say, I discovered most animals don’t eat grass the way they were designed.

Q: Why is it so important to have the right ingredients?

Well, I absolutely love to eat, so knowing where my food came from is super important to me. It also makes a huge difference when cooking and baking. When you use good quality ingredients you don’t have to smother your food in sauce or bake using a ton of added sugars because the taste of real, fresh food is so delicious!

Q: What are the most important keys to success for the home chef?

Persistence—don’t give up! I often have to make a recipe 3 or more times till it is perfected. Keep in mind that even if you have a fabulous recipe from a great chef, all environments, cooking tools and ingredients can alter the recipe, so use your creation and adapt to your own cooking environment! Sometimes my biggest kitchen failures give me inspiration for creating something entirely different.

Q: What are your best tips for home cooking?

When in doubt, add more butter, more salt and more garlic! Don’t be afraid to experiment with different flavors or ingredients. I love cooking with fresh herbs and adding hints of savory to a sweeter recipe.

Q: What is your favorite recipe using grass-fed meat?

Honestly, I’m the girl who goes to a fancy restaurant and orders the burger piled high with all the fixings! My go to meal at home during the week is grilled burgers although my husband and I absolutely love to make grilled filet mignon or smoked baby back pork ribs. Oh and the polish breakfast sliders are my favorite. I love making breakfast sandwiches with them using the grain and nut free bread recipe on my blog.



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